Powerful duas for all problems

It has been observed that despite loving so much to each other there are times when a husband and wife tend to feel bored from each other. They start fighting on petty issues that have no importance. People forget that they are the two souls enter into communion and fight with each other. What has been observed is the fact that the husband-wife disputes are happened due to the unwanted intrusions of people that can affect the livelihood very badly.

The dispute between a husband and wife or a problem between lovers will badly impact the kids and the atmosphere at home. There might be times when both the partners don’t want to look at each other. Freedom is something that both of them miss and they start regretting the time when they got married. Not only this sometimes the marriage leads to divorce that both of them never wanted, however, but it also tends to take place.

The only answer to it is to have Powerful duas for all problems wherein the partners can consult an experienced maulanaji like ours and can ask for a perfect solution to the problems that tend to exist in a marriage. There are certain remedies that can help in easing out the relationship between you and your partner. There might be times when you have no idea that how your relationship is getting affected and through the help of our maulanaji you are able to seek great consultation and advice that in a way can bring a lot of happiness.

When relationships between partners tend to fall prey towards hatred and anger what people feel bad is that they will never think that the result of the relationship is going to be like this. Cooperation and help are two important aspects that can bring disputes and affect the relationship badly.  The husband-wife disputes or the disputes between a boyfriend and girlfriend can enhance a lot of bad fame and problems in the relationship. Through the help of a serene dua, a person can actually tend to have a perfect solution to the problem he/she is facing while getting the solutions for the dua.

Apart from this problem where people tend to belittle each other or find a gap between the problems for each other is looking out for solutions then these duas have a very meaningful result that will undermine great answers towards the problem that is coexisting within the scenario.

|| ‘Aoozubillaahi Mi-nash ShYataan Ir-rajeem BisMillaah Ir-Rah-maan Ir-Ra-heem||

One of the most powerful dua it can make the people believe that it has a very resonating experience and can actually impact the people in the most contemplated aspect. What is not expressed is the fact that the dua has a very powerful solution if performed under the strict supervision and can balance out the problem to much of respite and solution. The particular dua can bring a symphony and a karmic solution such that you no longer have to suffer from any kind of resistance or impact.

There are a lot of people who thought that the duas are nothing but can harm you from the black magic however it’s to be followed under the Holy name of God the prophet or the kind-hearted merciful soul. What ought to be believed is the fact that the taste and harmony that existed within these powerful duas are able to impact a lot in bringing up happiness and poise such that it can bring solace to the loved ones and the kind-hearted souls.

Solutions of problems though looks to appear as a very easy task however in the recent days what has been observed are the fact that all that is required is to have an ease that can bring you out with a loveable answer.

Apart from this, the kind of problems that one is suffering will make you get the solutions quite easily through these duas that can have a much deeper impact. Whether you are suffering from dismantling of the life or are just facing the repercussions of the day all you can do is to enjoy the life to the fullest and be assured that nothing is going to harm you or your partner.

Marriage Astrology

As soon as a person attain the marriageable age the only concern keep on lurking is when will the person get married? Whether I’ll be married ever? Is it going to be an arranged marriage or I’ll find my soulmate? Why marriage is getting delayed? Is my marriage going to be fruitful or will have ups and down?

Questions like above are always a matter of huge worries and tensions. With the help of advice on marriage astrology, one is easily able to get some meaningful solutions.  Many people face the issue of problems in their marital bliss. Not only they suffer from this problem but also have to face depression and stress due to not having marriage on the cards.

It is observed that the planetary positions are responsible to get married or poor positions can also lead to divorce and separation among the partners.  You can seek consultation from our expert who will guide you in a better manner on what kind of remedies you can follow to get all your marriage related problems solved.

As per the marriage astrology, it is observed that the natal chart helps a lot in understanding and predicting the kind of marriage a person has. A lot of times people have perceived that the astrological combinations work towards promising a happy marriage while some combinations fully talk about the divorce and separation.  Various planets in different areas predict marriage and can affect the lives of the people.

Our expert astrologer helps you with the right kind of time when your heart can miss the beat or the time of exchanging the vows such that you face no trouble in making the bond special with your partner. It’s always advisable that the favorable time suggested by the marriage astrologer should be equally followed in order to have the right happiness in marriage.

Whether it is due to Jupiter not in the proper order or the Venus whose planetary position is situated wrong, people have to suffer a lot in marriage and relationships.  The accurate time of marriage is suggested through following the correct pattern of marriage through analyzing the birth chart, the kind of planetary influences that a person have to suffer are all determined through the use of the prediction that our world-renowned astrologer will be doing. All kinds of possibilities are determined through the result of natal charts that can kind of clash when people are stuck in certain particular areas. The 7th house in the birth natal chart helps in determining the marriage for people.

Whether it is marriage or relationship or in fact a simple partnership the 7th house is very important. Start checking on the things through consultations and seek guidance in the best possible way.

Under the marriage astrology, there are majorly three things that one has to do and according to it, the prediction is made. It is always asked that the correct date and timing have to be made while understanding the marital happiness along with the perfect matchmaking for your partner. Sometimes a lot of clues can be seen and observed however the marriage is not materializing. Often people suffer from this kind of problem and want to seek solutions for the same.

Another significant thing that should be followed by the people is to check that the marriage planets are not situated at the weak sections that embark a remedy. Such kind of things can be brought the desired results that can either make you happy or sad depending upon the cards on your marriage.

Love Marriage and Inter-caste marriages are another big concern that people have to undergo. Our Molviji is a specialized and renowned astrologer who can help you out in case the marriage in your cards are not at all happening. For all your other marriage and relationship related problems, you can easily connect and get perfect solutions at your doorstep.

Powerful dua to get what you want

Dua is the affirmation of Imaan. When a dua is made, Allah is remembered and Allah loves it. There are varieties of duas composed for various purposes. The best dua (supplication) is, in my opinion, Astaghfirullah which means “I request forgiveness from Allah”. This dua keeps Allah’s mercy on us.

Though humans are the best creation of God, still its life is full of challenges, stress, trials,struggles, and battles.”

The reason behind these trials and all may be our own sins. Thus, it has always been advised to do good to get good. And is as similar to as you sow, so you reap.

To achieve something high, we have to put a lot of hard work and efforts. It is not possible for a person to get everything he wants. Moreover, innumerable issues, obligations and obstructions are present in the path of success. Success does not come all of a sudden. It takes a lot of physical labour and a self determined mind. You must have hunger for that thing; the passion to achieve and accomplish your goal.

When it comes to struggles of life, they are infinite. We, as a human being, feel ourselves completely happy and contented when we have the desired things in three aspects — physical, mental and material. Physical pleasure is fulfilled through ahealthy physique and a true companion who are, obviously, made for each other. Mental satisfaction is gained when you have more well-wishersthan enemies; you yourself have a positive, smart and decisive mind. And last, but not the least, material pleasure can only be gained if your professional life is running amazingly and you have a great quantity of money too.

Certainly, it’s not possible for a person to have everything and to get everything hewants in its life. Well! Think, what if you could get whatever you want. It seems interesting and confused at the same time. You must be wondering, how is it possible? You could get the answers to these queries from our maulanaji. He would provide you certain powerful dua to get what you want and certain guidelines and procedure of enchanting them.

According to Islam, “Dua is the powerful tool to ask Allah whatever you want.

These Islamic Astrology practices of asking Dua give fruitful outcomes. Wheneveryou perform a dua, you are connecting yourself with God (Allah). All you need to do is to make dua with a pure soul. Your dua should not involve anything that is related to hurt and harm someone as negative thinking corrupts the soul. You have to keep full faith in Allah and devote yourself under His shade.

There are various powerful dua to get what you want. No matter whatever the problem is. Whether it’s is a court case, marital conflictions, love triangle, monetary problem, professional issues, business downfall, or anything, connect to our maulanaji. There is nothing impossible for Allah. Our maulanaji is an ardent follower of Allah and would give you the right solutions.

There are certain dua for particular reasons. Let’s learn a bit about these powerful dua to get what you want in brief:

  • Dua that can let something happen — Before reciting the dua, say Salawat (sending blessing on the prophet) for 11 times.

“Allahumma Salli Ala

Muhammadin Waa

Alaaali Muhammadin Kama Sallyta ala

Ibraheema Wa Ala aaliibraheema

Innaka Hameedum Majeed”

  • Dua to let something done by someone –


(Recite this dua for 500 times to get the full advantage.)


(Recite this one for 571 times with full belief and get benefitted.)

  • Dua to improve relationship with husband –

Sura An Nisa (repeat it 7 times regularly in a day.)


BISMILLAHIR RAHMAN NIR Rahim (Repeat it 786 times on a pure glass of water and give it to your husband to drink.) Apart from these, there are innumerable miraculous repercussions that duas could fetch. Follow the guidelines and supplications with internal devotion. If you still face any difficulty, feel free to contact our maulanaji. He is always present there to help you out with all your problems and make your life comfortable and easy for you.