Love vashikaran specialist maulana ji

Happiness and sadness are a part and a parcel of life. Unless we feel sad, we will not value happiness and vice Versa. Therefore, the presence of both the emotions is an important thing for the right kind of mental growth. It is understood that if a person is always happy and has not seen sufferings, he /she never understands problems of other people. It is perhaps for this reason the cycle of death and birth is established by God, where the former is sadness and the later is happiness.

We always take happiness in a positive stride and never complain of it, but this is not the case for an overwhelming feeling that causes restlessness in our hearts. And soon we begin to find solutions for the same. The problems are of many kinds but most problems are those of our mind which we multiply on our own and make them majestic. The case should be other way round, where we should make our happiness manifold, and divide our sorrows we do the opposite. The reason we do this is the lack of knowledge and ways to resolve problems.

The easiest and the most accessible way is through offerings made to the Almighty in form of Naqsh and dua. But we try this method after it is very late and we have lost faith and hope in resolving our problem. Other than finances, the most significant problem is that of love. We often never think that love issues can also be resolved using Love vashikaran specialist maulana ji and tend to continue our humane efforts to get love back. Nevertheless, if you are reading this article, you shall know that this is the most easiest way to get love back as you are only praying for your well being and for the partner’s well being as you wish to be together and are not for some reason.

Whatever may be the reason, vashikaran naqsh resolves all the issues and you will soon see a happier you. It works on faith on Allah and the fact that miracles happen if Allah is by your side. Even if your partner is about to get married to someone else, Naqsh and dua has the power to stop that and bring yourlove back to you. The naqsh by Love vashikaran specialist maulana ji are effective. It is associated to vedic astrology and study of stars and positions of planets. According to which your future is decided and the kind of dua you must recite is also decided based on that. The Dua is recited to control the mind of the person who you love and that he/she is always attracted to you and stays with you till death separates you. There is a way and ritual involved in reciting every dua which our Maulana ji will tell you. Without any hesitation you may contact him for better guidance. It is important to know the right way of conducting the dua as certain regime needs to be followed. Below is a Dua which you must read under the guidance of our Maulana ji.

Mantra Bismillahurrahimanrahim! Almoti Hovallah!

This Ayat is an effective Islamic naqsh which must be done in the following manner. It should be done on a Friday for which you must prepare a white seat (a seat covered in white cloth). You should surround your room with fragrance which of Loban which is pious. After this, put some rose flavored it on a cotton and place it on your ear. Post this, you may start reciting this dua and continuously do this for a period of 41 days. The Dua will be acclaimed after this. You need to read this dua again for seven times before serving food to the person you wish to control. This way the dua will show its presence and the person will gradually listen to you only and will never leave you alone as desired by you. 

It should be correctly pronounced and rightly done for better and faster results. Love is core of life and so everything is fair in love and war!! So go ahead and undertake this dua through the messenger of Allah, our Maulana ji.

Istikhara for love marriage Dua

Getting into a love marriage is the most beautiful decision of anybody’s life but as much as we are excited about it, a fear surrounds us all the time. There are several questions in the mind which keeps troubling every couple like how will our parents agree for the marriage? Will our marriage be successful or not? Will we be able to live together forever? There are tons of questions like these which trouble your mind and the best solution can be found in Istikhara for love marriage Dua.

Istikhara is basically about taking permission from the beloved Allah before you plan to tie the knot. In Istikhara you get all the answers to your problems directly from the Allah. He guides you towards the right path which will bring happiness and joy for you. Our Maulanaji has specialized knowledge and experience of performing the Istikhara for love marriage Dua. You can get in contact with him to seek solutions for your love marriage directly from the almighty.

Love marriage is a big decision and it is often not supported in our society. Parents are mostly against the concept of love marriage and getting them to agree is a task in itself. For them an arranged set up is always the better one. However, by performing the Istikhara before seeking the parent’s permission is very important so that atleast the couple can know whether they are compatible or not and what the future holds for them. It helps you to protect yourself from the future pain and troubles of a divorce by telling in advance whether your marriage will work or not. Allah has the answer for all the life problems and when it comes to taking the decisions for your life, there is no one bigger and better than the Allah himself.

By using the Istikhara for love marriage dua you can easily convince your parents for your love marriage. If the couple is also doubtful and any kind of problems are stopping your marriage, then by performing the Istikhara in the correct manner, you can easily get them resolved and proceed for a happy married life. With the help of dua, the approval from both the parents and lover comes easily.

The Islamic Istikhara for love marriage Dua is best performed by an expert astrologer who has full knowledge and expertise in performing it. While performing it ourselves, we might do it in a wrong way with incorrect pronunciations, wrong methodology or impure heart and intentions. Our maulanaji is available across USA, UK and other countries for your support. You can contact him and get all your problems resolved.

While performing the entire procedure, a lot of stress is given on the purity of heart and mind because the Allah listens to you and get in contact with you only if you have pure intentions. Allah can read your mind and nothing is hidden from him so perform it only if you have true intentions and pure motive behind it.

This technique provides 100% results and you can enjoy the marital bliss with your lover without any obstructions by using this powerful technique. The method of performing Istikhara for love marriage Dua is:

  1. After the daily namaz chant durood shareef for 5 times
  2. After the first chant is over, recite Suraha Fatiha 3 times
  3. Read the Istikhara dua once –‘ Ya hameedu Tahmata Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi ‘

While performing this dua, keep your lover in your mind. Allah will shower his blessing on you and will show you the right path. If the marriage is right for you both, then the almighty will resolve all the problems coming in between your love marriage and both the lover and the family members will agree easily. Further with the assistance of our Maulanaji you can get accurate results. Islamic astrology is very powerful and when done in the right way, it can resolve all the problems that come in your path and make your life a heaven. He can calculate the right time using the astrological science for performing the Istikhara for love marriage Dua which will further provide the best results.

Istikhara for Love marriage

In this fast paced world what is often observed is the fact that people tend to feel confused with the kind of relationships they are into and are always on the look out whether that particular relationship will be culminating to the bond of love marriage.

The real problem is that whether the love marriage is going to be prophesising the good news or will be just going to be foreshadowed on the verge of breaking all the barriers that can actually do no good to you which has a solution that can bring the deeper bonds of harmony.

What is suggested in such a scenario is the fact that to undergo the process of Istikhara for love marriage that can actually help you get the correct and accurate solutions on the fact that the love marriage will actually have the great impact. The people who are the ardent followers or believers of the Muslim religion and culture believe that through the performance of the Istikhara ritual they are able to get the real solution to all kinds of queries that they are seeking.

However, what they forget is the fact that what kind of love and belief will make them feel little apprehensive on their own decision of getting married to the love of their life.

What they never thought is the fact that this particular practice should be only performed under the supervision and guidance of the Allah that can allow them to enjoy in complete happiness.

Basically a lot of the people tend to feel perplexed with the word Istikhara and the real meaning so that one can no longer have to suffer with any kind of point that can lead them to a lot of problems. Well the real solutions and the process is to seek the guidance from the Lord so that the lovemates can actually get the answer to the future of the relationship and it can help them to get the remedies carried out if there comes any kind of trouble in a relationship.

What is believed is the fact that the particular practice will only give the answer towards the question that will guide the person whether he/she is completely following the right path that can invoke the kind of relationships in terms of money, business or in case of marriage is quite essential that will also give you the real charm to solve and ease out the life’s decisions towards any kind of difference and marriage. There are times when the love birds or the young couples think to perform the Istikhara for love marriage.

What is advisable is the fact that the relationship can also be impacted very badly as if the practice is not carried out in  a proper manner then chances of stumbling upon the things can also affect one person in a very bad manner that can create a lot of difficulty.

Through the help of an expert like our maulviji you are able to get the answer that will impact in a much more positive manner and can also get the problem solved that which will make you have the solution which will bring the happiness at a very minimalistic costs. As our maulanaji is known worldwide with great queries relevant from the ancient foreign countries like UAE, USA, Fiji etc you will be able to seek the consultation and answer online without much of worry or trouble. All you can make is the fact that you have to bring a strong point of interaction and can achieve the best results through the istikara.

Marriage is one of the sacred relationship that is basically the communion of two souls into one that can forever have both of you together. All you have to do is to have a great married relationship that can take you along the thick as well as thin that can impart you with the great bond that you cherish with your partner.

There are two reasons that can actually help you to grow the marriage between both you and partner to outgrow such that you can experience a better result with the great bond. If you are looking for someone who can easily get married with the person of your desire, then all you can do is to perform the Istikhara with the great love that can help you take back that bond.