Dua to remove Black Magic

A definition of happiness is different for each and every person who love on this earth. There are some who love to be happy around their loved ones, there are others who find happiness in solace and then there are these sadists who are happy when others are sad. This kind of feeling crops up from jealousy and other negative emotions. When there is no one to guide you, and your mind thinks a thousand thoughts, you tend to tread on path that may sound like the easiest to attain happiness but is certainly full of repercussions that only time can reveal.

More so, the victim of the people who conduct magic on others are sometimes not even aware of the reason for their state. They seek doctors, in case of ill health and other astrological sciences to figure out the reason for their then happy and now devastated lives. Upon much thought and realizations of some uncanny things happening, the problems are then attributed to Black Magic.

Black Magic is a way of getting things done. This involves getting things done with an intention of harming others so the doer is happy. This is a typical trait of a sadist who will extremely satisfied in seeing someone sad. But it’s very difficult to find out who that person is and hence help of the almighty through our Islamic Astrologer is the only way you can get rid of the affects of the magic.

It is a renowned fact that who so ever remembers the name of the Almighty, this serves as the Dua to remove Black Magic. Besides it is said that reciting ten verses from the Soorat Ul Baqrah during the night prevents the entry of the devil in the house. This dua remains active until the morning. Hence, if this is chanted each night, you can have a sound sleep and a fresh mind to think of solutions of any other problems or can even follow your regular schedule.

It is very disheartening to see that someone wants to intrude into your happiness and spoil your life, however, the presence of the almighty will make you shun away all your fears. Our Maulana ji will tell you more which will be a Dua to remove Black Magic.  Below mentioned is a Dua that will bring you closer to Allah so you can be away from all the evils of the earth that any one tires to spell on you. 

“Hasbi Allaahu laa ilaaha illa huwa, ‘alayhi tawakkaltu wa huwa Rabb ul-‘arsh il-‘azeem”

This Dua reflects how Allaah is always there for his followers and one should only worship allah and no one else, which will gradually diminish the effects on Black magic and suddenly you will start realizing that sanity will prevail in your household. Things will appear to become normal and you will feel rejuvenated. This in itself will be a big achievement that my being close to Allah, you will get rid of your issues.

This bring end to the happiness of the person who had tried to put you down by going against the nature and doing things that we term as ‘Black Magic’. It is perhaps this reason that we consider a particular act as a Dua and another one as Black Magic, because he intentions of the one doing makes all the difference. The procedures for both are equally complex, it’s just the difference of thought behind that matters. When we do something for the happiness of all happiness automatically comes to you. But when we do something for just our happiness at the cost of someone else’s happiness, the result is absolutely devastating for the victim and then eventually the doer too gets affected. When we do something against the nature, it is reflected back to the one who does. This is the power of the supreme that you have been able to withstand the black magic and then the doer is effectively punished. In a way the doer ruins himself by indulging into black magic. May Allah give some sanity to those who are jealous of others. With the blessings of Maulana ji, we pary for everyone’swell-being.