How to get your Ex Back Permanently

How to get your Ex Back Permanently” It’s not an easy work to know how to win your ex back once they have already left you. The most difficult thing within any relationship is retaining the love of your life. Another significant aspect is that if your ex has already left you once then there is no certainty that your ex will not leave you again. Though witchcraft voodoo dolls, Vashikaran mantra and vashikaran can play very effectively however there are other ways as well that combined can help in making your ex fall back to you.

There is no point of getting your ex back when you cannot keep them permanently and if you happened to undergo a painful breakup then we are here to help and guide you the right path of getting your ex back permanently.

If you will passionately and whole heartedly follow the plan proposed below then you will enhance the chances of getting your ex back in your life permanently.

How to get your Ex Back Permanently | How to win your ex back

Whether you are looking to get your ex back or are looking to get your ex girlfriend back, ex wife back or simply looking to get your boyfriend back the below plan will help you make your relationship grow stronger with an amazing bond.

If you are someone who has recently faced a breakup then all you can do to win your ex back is  through the help of great enlightenment and the great focus towards the path of getting your beloved back with great happiness. Through black magic spells and below steps you can get your ex back.

What is the 5 Step Plan All About (How to get your Ex Back Permanently)?

The plan to get your ex back is having 5 steps that determine how you can actually get the love of your life back in the great manner. Since post breakup you might be felling low and depressed what you can actually do is to make a comeback without making any kind of mistakes that you might make in the fit of anger or rage. This in turn reduces the chances of leaving her from your love. There are people who tend to make a lot of mistakes on the pretext of getting angry post the breakup. Even in marriage to a lot of times this problem occurs during fights with your beloved. In that scenario you should know how to control your husband mantra.

With the help of a plan one can get a correct sense of direction that will help in the elimination of the confusion or any kind of anger during the post breakup. Through the plan if one is feeling down or is unsure about themselves then they can easily bring great harmony for themselves.

Step 1- Understand the Instincts i.e the Mistakes you made in a relationship (How to get your Ex Back Permanently)

A very good thing to begin your rectifications in a relationship is to check out the fact to understand the mistakes that you made in your relationship which has lead to the breakup with your ex. It actually makes sense to first understand what exactly is the cause behind the intuition.  These mistakes will help you to understand that what are the major roadblocks that you should avoid missing such that you can ensure great amount of chances to have your ex partner back in your life with a lot of compassion and happiness.

  • Stop Calling Them Insanely or Text Them as if you are missing them badly

There are times when as soon as one undergoes a breakup they feel as if life is not worth living and 80% of the people look for getting their ex back. This is one of the most deadly mistake that can be committed by the person. Whenever you keep on texting and call back your ex constantly you give out a message that you desperately need them in your life that can create a lot of problem. It is indeed a very huge mistake that you will commit. Though at that time the instincts will only guide to call them such that you might stay in touch with them and can bring them back in your life however it won’t be feasible.

Whenever you try to make a call to them or text your ex what you will suffer. It will make you fall and you will showcase your image as a person in need. This will impact your life in a manner that you will feel miserable. This in a way will turn away your ex from you and you will feel miserable.

Always take care as post breakup  person tend to indulge into drinking in a manner that over drinking lead to the call and instant texting to your beloved one, witchcraft spells work superb to control the behaviour. In this way you will showcase your profile as a fool that can make sure you are not able to forget your ex and will always comfort them that you won’t be leaving them that will make you fall the trap.

  • Playing the Victim Card and Begging will Do No good to get your ex back

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: Always remember a fact that if begging and pleading in front of the beloved would have worked then there would never a breakup happened. If your ex did a breakup with you then be sure that they are already for any kind of begging or pleading that you might be thinking will work on your beloved. No matter what exact is the matter of a breakup it will not be changed with the begging. You will only look vulnerable if you go for the breakup.

Never show your ex that you will never be able to live without them such that your ex will never be able to trust you and will consider it as your weakness.

Here are the two points that you should never bring in your life:

  1. If he/she already know that how miserable one could have felt then he/she will make a comeback.
  2. If my beloved know that I won’t be able to live without them then he’ll /she’ll be making a comeback.

In this way your instincts will contradict the actual cause and no ex would like to bring their ex out of pity. Also seeing your plight if your ex try to make a comeback in your life then also would you like to have your ex back in such a manner where there is no respect of you. First check within yourself whether you are looking for your ex to make a comeback out of love and respect for you or is it because of pity. Black magic for love can also be implied in this circumstance.

  • Start Agreeing to whatever your Ex plans

Sometimes out of desperation you will think that if you will start following to each and everything that your ex will suggest then you can definitely get your ex back in your life. As you love your ex desperately what you will feel is that nothing matters except getting your ex back in your life. No matter what values , what needs and what desires you have in your mind all what is required is to get your ex back in life.

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: For the sole purpose of getting your ex back all what is required is to sacrifice all your requirements. In this way you will make up with your ex simply carryout whatever he/she likes and can be a threat to your identity and respect such that you will even start following the undue requests of your ex. Your status will stoop to a doormat. However your instincts in order to get your ex back permanently will make sure that you will be able to saying in the affirmative to some of the most ridiculous demands of your ex. The instincts can work differently in this regard and can lead to the downfall on the pretext that you will be able to get your ex back.

Understand the fact that what your ex says if you agreed then you are not able to bring them back in life. You will only lose respect from your ex if you try following these kind of things. Make sure that if one will not respect then one would never want to lead a life with you. If out of pity a person makes a comeback the person is not going to stay for a longer period of time.

  • Unnecessary Showering Affection Towards your Ex will bring no good

Maybe the instincts within you might compel you in a manner that will show that if you bestow affection and care then your ex might make a comeback. However it is not a true and can only take you for granted. All you have to do is to make your beloved believe that there is no one in the entire world that can make them feel loved and if they reject you then it’s going to be their own loss rather the manner on how much one can love them.

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: The truth here in fact is that your beloved already have an idea on how much you tend to love them as well as adore them such that you don’t have to showcase any care to them. The breakup that actually happened is that not relies on the fact that how much amount of care as well as affection you have to bestow on people. Unnecessary showering love and care will do no good to them such that you will only have to feel trapped. They will try to go away from you as soon as possible.

  • Starts Becoming Impatient if you Ex starts Dating with someone else

It indeed is a very gut wrenching experience when you find out that your ex is seeing someone or is dating with someone else. However it is not something bad or alarming that you tend to freak out for the same. Just as you are not able to forget them similarly they are also not able to evade out their feelings despite having a breakup with you. They too are feeling void and to eliminate those things they choose out the path of dating someone. Understand that it is not that if you appear to be idle they are going to come back to you.

Instead of getting a perfect solution to the problem you will start behaving in a panic mode that can be a matter of concern. Obviously most of the times you had no idea on how your ex is going to have a dating with someone else but if you happen to know about the same the only thing that you should actually do is to stop freaking out or start hurling things that can go wrong in your case.

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: You ex is only going to be in a rebound relationship to forget you as like you your ex also have suffered a breakup. Rebound relationships are quite common post breakup. The other truth is that the rebound relationships don’t last forever  like the way they start similarly in the same manner they tend to end. However rebound relationships are only the way to get healed oneself post breakup. Though for you it might not be a good way to move on as you are still stuck with your partner and cannot imagine life without him/her for your ex it can mean actually opposite. It’s just like you they too are not having an easy time to avoid the relationship and are therefore trying to avoid the grief through following the rebound of relationship pattern. They too are feeling awkward to make peace with themselves or also finding ways to get back to ex permanently.

No matter what happens never tell your beloved that to break up the rebound relationship. Whether they want to take the rebound relationship further or not that should be their personal choice and you should have no role in the same. When they tend to breakup with you they too have to face the hole in their lives and are just looking for someone new to fill that gap that exists.

What to Do if all these Mistakes are already committed by you?

With the help of vashikaran mantra you can try to rectify the mistakes already committed. As a breakup sufferer you might have either committed either one or all these mistakes listed above post your breakup. Worry not if you have already did all these things as during the hustle time even the preachers of peace sometimes are badly affected.

Human beings have this inherent nature within them that they always love to personally hold or try to control things. Those things that are near to the people are specially kept in hold. One has to realize the fact that through committing such kind of mistakes one cannot help to get back their ex and if any kind of damage is carried out then a person can easily ask to rectify it. However in this case you need to showcase exemplary amount of patience to get what exactly is promised i,e of getting your ex back permanently in life.

Step 2- Maintain a Distance and Have a No Contact Policy (How to get your Ex Back Permanently)

Sometimes post the breakup the only solution left is to search for your beloved online. However one should always keep in mind the policy of no contact rules especially post the breakups. It is a very simple and effective rule that can help in the long term.

All you need to do best is to stop the contact with your ex and control all the communication with your partner such that you will be able to find compassion in everything.

The following things should be included when you are working on a no contact rule with your Ex for some point of time:

  • No Calls
  • No Texting
  • NO Social Media Messaging
  • No Online Contact of Any Kind to be carried out
  • No meeting at social places or at a common friend’s party

 Reasons Behind following a No Contact Rule

Here are the reasons behind why you should follow a no contact rule with your ex:

Just like you your ex has also suffered a breakup and need a space to eliminate all the negative energies that were associated within your relationship. Though there is always a misconception that if your ex will be in no contact with you then they tend to forget you but it’s not a case always. The moment  you offer your ex more time to not contact you it is the best time that they tend to start missing you as your presence when not felt might help in getting them back in your life. Another thing is that they tend to think that what had stop them to be a needy person as you being an always pampering person not around them might be affecting them in a great way.

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: To avoid committing any kind of mistakes what is required is the fact to avoid any contact. You yourself feeling low and depressed require a subtle amount of time to make a comeback. It is indeed true that post breakup you might be feeling totally decked up and stressed out. It is advisable that you should be having a time for yourself. Apart from it what is required at your end is to enjoy life without your ex as that will boost your morale to understand that your ex cannot control your emotion to enjoy your life or to be happy. It will also help you to understand the point between the difference between having someone or just needing someone. Depending on this you can bring great help for yourself.

During the no contact period you will be able to recover better and can feel attractive as a happy person. All what is required from your end is to understand the fact that you need to revaluate life in a complete blissful manner. This time lapse will also help in bringing in you a lot of ability to enjoy having positive changes. Also since you are also looking forward to make your ex fall for you again and get attracted with you once you meet them post the no contact period therefore all you are required to do is to enjoy life and feel contented. This will also ensure that whether you are looking to get your ex back or whether you are completely happy without them.

What is the Time period for No Contact with your Ex Post Breakup?

Generally the no contact period should be as much as one can find themselves fully recovered from the breakup. It is generally the time period that you will spend with your beloved and it can be maximum from a period of 30 days to 6 months. The time period totally depends on you and as per the convenience the range varies from time to time.

Condition of your Ex During the No Contact Period

You might also be thinking the effect of the no contact on your ex and will they react to the same. Well below are certain doubts that you might be having in your mind during the no contact period.

Do I have tell my ex that I’m going to be in a no contact zone

If you actually want to have your ex back in your life then all you need to do is to not let them to know why you are not going to contact them. Try to be in the mind of your beloved as much as possible which can only happen when you will stop contacting them or letting them know that you no more remember them.

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: However if by the grace of God during the no contact period your ex makes an effort to give you a call back then at such circumstances you can let them know that you are looking for them not to contact you for a shorter span of time. Simply tell them not to contact you till the time you actually make an effort to contact them.

What if I don’t contact my ex, does it not sound rude to them?

Understand that it was rude when your ex broke your heart when calling off the relationship with you leaving you behind begging as well as pleading. So it is not always rudeness if you try to maintain a distance for good with your partner. Also no contact is for the betterment of your relationship to keep you at peace and solace. It is always good to first be little selfish for yourself than to be for anyone else.

Is it advisable to revert on the text of my ex during the no contact period?

No, during the no contact period no matter how urgent is the issue you should never revert.

Is it advisable to revert to the call of the ex during the no contact period?

No matter what you should never answer or revert to your ex calls. Only if you are about to finish your no contact period and are feeling good despite the problems in your relationship that you have recently suffered you should definitely give a yes to the call to safeguard your relationship.

Also if at any moment you think that by talking to your ex can again make you obsessed for your partner then you should definitely give a miss to the plan.

If you have the below questions for the no contact period:

  • What will happen if my ex moves during the no contact period?
  • What will happen if during this time my ex happened to meet someone else?
  • What will happen if my ex completely forgets me during the no contact period?

These questions are very good to have and can definitely will come in your mind but the answer is that if your relationship is a strong one then it is not easy for your partner. The no contact will in a way help your ex to remember more about you and all the good things that you have in your relationship. This will ease out the tensions within your relationship. You have to have hope within your relationship in such scenario. If you can’t follow this then the only solution is to keep on stalking your ex which will ultimately restrain your ex to come back to actually make a plan to come back to you at any cost. The answer is with you what you are actually looking out to get your ex back.

Is it possible to reduce the time period for my no contact period?

Are you planning to just give your ex a halt for few days before again beginning the same creepy habit of stalking them with your messages.  If you are planning to carry out the sane then the answer is simply a no.

As the old saying goes that time heals everything you need to be patient enough to understand the importance that to eliminate any kind of negative association post the breakup and before actually making a plan to have a positive feedback for your partner, all you are required is to give your beloved the time to understand the real worth about you. Minimum 30 days is the best time to take a break and actually feel at comfort before planning out on things that can bring a more confident person full of positivity within you and can help in bringing your ex back.

Until and unless you make a plan that where exactly you are heading to as well to be a positive person there are no chances that you’re beloved will actually make an effort to come back to you.

Step 3- Look After Yourself and Indulge into Self Care (How to get your Ex Back Permanently)

Here is an important aspect that most of the people tend to give it a miss. No contact period will not do any good if you will not choose to indulge into self love. Believing in the concept is one thing and implementing the same has a different look altogether. One has to fully ensure the fact that you should be having a positive approach towards that no contact period. If you are planning to do nothing and simply sitting back at home during the no contact period then remember it is not going to bring any good . During the no contact period all you need to do is to give yourself a break and ensure to work towards the positive things within your life. Check out what things you like, what routine or activities one should follow to safeguard oneself. You can also consult a vashikaran specialist who can help you find solutions through which you can come out from the problem.

 What are the positive changes that you can implement in your Appearance?

It is very necessary to bring out positive changes within yourself that will help you give you a fresh look. Try out things that will help you feel good and to feel better. Remember that when your ex will see you post the no contact period then your look should be such that they can experience within you. Black magic for spells also can create wonders.

  • Go ahead for a new haircut that can make you look superb and awesome
  • Change your dressing style that can impact you with great feel.
  • Try indulging into new activities that can bring happiness within you.

Whatever you do, don’t do anything drastic right now. You don’t want to make any physical changes right now that you might regret for the rest of your life (like getting a tattoo of a broken heart).

What are the positive changes that you can implement in your mentality?

It is very important to adopt a positive approach in your mentality when you are planning to get your ex back permanently. What you are required to understand is the fact that only when you will start working on your own self you will be able to gain confidence and happiness that will be able to make you a happy person.

Always ensure to have a personal time to Grieve

It will be very hard to showcase positivity post your breakup as it can definitely be a mess to cope up on things that can take few more days to bring satisfaction. You also require few more time to actually grieve such that you can fully recover yourself from within.

Start penning down things in diary or a journal

Another thing that you should be doing is to release your thoughts and feelings that will probably help you evade out all the pressures and tensions. The emotional turbulence that you might be suffering can easily penned down in a diary or a journal.

Spend Time With Old Friends

During problems or post breakup the first thing that one should do is to connect with the loved ones and friends who will work as a helping hand. Try going out with friends such that you can bring great comfort and relief to yourself.

Start practicing yoga and meditation

It is always good to have the perfect time within your own self. Enlightenment can help you be the best person whom you always cherish. What you are required to do is to make sure that you gain confidence in the superb level that can happen only when you will try out some meditation that will help in regaining the confidence within you.

Try going out for a date with your special friends and family members

When you are feeling low because of the breakup all that you have to think about is the fact that to go out with the family members or your beloved friends on a date. Yes who says that the date can only be with your ex or girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be with anyone and you can make sure that you will have the fun time with your friends away from the family.

It is very necessary to have the perspective of always meeting new people who can bring happiness within you.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Your Relationship

First thing that should be the focus in the life is that you should be asking yourself whether you want to get back to your ex or not then you should ask the below things from yourself.

  1. Do you still love your ex?
  2. Are you able to live without your ex?
  3. Do you feel miserable without your ex?
  4. Do you imagine life without your ex?


If the above answers to the questions make you feel depressed or angry then its sure that you are feeling pathetic and are undergoing post breakup. Post breakup either denial of your sufferings and bargaining will be various aspects post the breakup that you are undergoing. Though it is not the right choice to engage into any such activities but it will help in boosting the agenda.

Every relationship has a problem and disagreement that can hamper it for the longer duration. If you two have suffered a breakup it indicates that problems exist within your relationship that can hamper in the longer run. You should always give it a thought that whether it is a good deal or not to suffer from a longer run.

If you keep on thumping on your heart then the only solution that you will be getting is to love your ex such that you are only looking to want them back in your life. Try using the logical approach of your mind in the same. Always ensure to check the pros and cons that your ex brings to you. Analyse the proper goals of your relationship and how your relationship will work with you.

Always ensure that your ex will not be making you feel happy and contented but it is you who will make yourself happy. The broader aspect is that you are able to understand better that what you love and what you appreciate that the purpose in life will not help you pursue your dreams.

Ask yourself that whether you are having a happy and long lasting relationship with your ex?

Do you think the reason of your breakup was whether a big deal or not?

This is the most important decision that you might be taking for your relationship. So it is the crucial time for your relationship either to prosper or that will be affected badly. With a no contact period o 30 days you already have a great time to relax and think on the various aspects that can bring introspection

Simply relax and think on how you will feel better. The moment you will stop thinking towards your ex then you will feel happy and chilled out . Is it the right decision of breaking up should be in your mind such that you fully ensure yourself that are you planning to give a break or not.

Step 4-Now you should look towards contacting your Ex and bring a Re Attraction (How to get your Ex Back Permanently)

Think about the moments when your ex actually left you? Think whether they find you as the needy person or are you someone as the person with no self respect. Like you your beloved ex will also be not in contact you. As during this period the negative associations that exist between you and your partner within your relationship. They will start working on the aspects that can help them becoming a superb level.

This is the best time to contact your beloved and meet them to have them in the same feeling evolved that can be amazing. The new version of you will surely help in bringing the positive changes that can work well

If you are looking for the same  you just have to adopt the following things.

  1. You should implement the changes that can help you become the confident with the attractive persona.
  2. Try contacting your ex and meet them at some point wherein you should definitely look out with the perfect point of time.

Contacting Your Ex

While you are fully prepared to connect with your ex you are required to follow the below things that can help in getting great response from your ex:

  1. You should have followed the no contact rule for a minimum period of 30 months.
  2. You are feeling happy and without a mess post the breakup.
  3. You have already made some of the positive changes in your life with the help of great achievement.
  4. You are already fine with the idea of getting back to your client in a perfect manner which as per you is a good decision to follow.
  5. During your no contact period you are already upto the regime of a date with your friends and are feeling happy with contentment.
  6. You are perfect in lieu with the breakup and are perfect with the fact that you know how to be back with your ex.
  7. You should also be sure that if you are not going to get your ex back then you are fine with the kind of life without them.

Now since you have already ensured yourself to have the perfect way of contacting your ex. If you are indeed looking out for the best ways to contact your ex then it is only through a letter or an email that can work wonders and can help you send the text messages. Apart from your ex you can call your ex but if you give a call then chances are less that you should understand . Through the help of text messages and letter all you can do is to build up the best in yourself.

Contact Your Ex Through Letter

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: With the help of the letter it is great way to connect with your ex so that your ex can help in making things right in the perfect way. In the era of the digital technology it is advisable that you should make sure that handwritten letters are eliminated with the help of the email as well as technology.

With the help of letters there is a three way purpose that is going to be sorted out:

Make sure that you let your ex understands the fact that you have fully accepted the breakup such that it can work for the best.  This will help them in a way that you can enhance yourself in the great way. Your letter should imply such that you no longer require your ex in a simplified manner.

It should imply that you are apologizing for any kind of misconduct that can happen post the breakup such that it will imply a positive feedback that can make sure one can have a perfect way of making up for all the bad concerns.

To let them know that something very amazing is happening in their life so that it can help them get the best of look that there is something exciting in your life. This can actually bring a little discomfort in their lives. This will also prosper some worry within them.

 Through the help of Text Messages

Once through mail you have already shared the way to contact your ex then comes the foreplay of using the text messages in the form of sms as then the attraction can be build up in the great way. If you think that your partner is not interested much in the text messages then all you need to do is to directly send them the message directly. The text messages are always considered best in the building of the trust for your ex to get them back as well as can engage a lot of attraction among your loved ones.

If the content used by you is perfect then it can even ignite your ex to feel and pampered in a way to look good as well as promising.

How to get your Ex Back Permanently: What has to be kept in mind is the fact that the language of the text messages should be such that it should be very subtle in approach and can help one to directly connect for all the feelings as well as relationships. If you want that your ex should associate your messages as positive as well as attractive that it can ignite happiness with smile then you need to fulfill the rules for the texting purpose.

Don’t Send an Empty Message to your Ex

With an empty message what has to make sure that you don’t have to make them feel why they opened your message.

Never Express Your Feelings to make them feel that you are missing them

How to get your Ex Back Permanently? Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to tell your ex that your feelings for her is not out of sheer need but to have great answer as a friend.

Calling your Ex For an Outing

Asking your ex for an Outing will do no good if you are thinking it to be a date instead it should be a casual meet or the outing. As a friend if you plan out to meet her/him they will definitely give you an affirmative that can actually spice up your relationship in the promising way. Appearing attractive in front of them will not do much of great happiness to you as they already have an idea of the liking that you are supposed to have with them so that you wont have to face any kind of difficulty.  Simply call them and ask them out such that you will not have to face any kind of hindrance. If you are starting the relationship with your partner again then with the help of husband vashikaran you can try getting them back.

Step 5 – To Analyse on all the Aspects (How to get your Ex Back Permanently)

Since you are trying to find the best way to get your ex back therefore all you are required to do is to analyse the aspects that can help you find the perfect solution in the best possible manner. Though the no contact period is nothing less than challenges what has to be kept in mind are the kind of love spells that are available with us will perfectly help you cope up the problem. Also if in your relationship or marriage also you are facing difficulty then you can easily solve out on things which can bring a lot of change through the help of the love spell magic to Get love back .