Ishtikhara For Nikaah

The purest bond on this planet is that of marriage. Marriages are made in heaven and the almighty decides your life partner. But how to ensure that you have selected the correct life partner or not?  If you love somebody then also you want to ensure whether he/she will be good life partners or not? Everybody wants their relationship to turn into a successful marriage. But as beautiful Ishtikhara For Nikaah as it may sound, marriage brings along a lot of responsibilities and commitment.

It is a lifelong decision which can either turn your life into a heaven or a living hell. If you get the right person, then life becomes a fairy tale but on the other hand an irresponsible person or a failed marriage can leave a scar on your heart and make you sad, disheartened and depressed. In today’s time keeping your marriage safe is very difficult and finding the right person is much more difficult but with the help of Allah you can easily solve this problem.

If you are unsure about the person you are planning to get married to, then you can perform Ishtikhara For Nikaah to know whether the chosen life partner is the perfect one for you or not. Ishtikhara is an ancient Islamic tradition of determining whether you and your partner will be able to lead a happy married life or not. It can be performed for both love marriages and arranged marriages and involves asking the Allah to guide the couple on the right path. There is no greater power than that of the almighty in this world and what could be better than getting signals from the Allah himself to perform the marriage or not. It is a very effective way of determining the chances of success and failure of the marriage which can be performed by our experienced maulanaji.

So if you are in any doubt about your marriage, then you should definitely perform the Ishtikhara For Nikaah to get clarity and be sure about your decision. Allah will show you the correct vision in the dream instantly after performing the Istikhara dua and indicate you about what’s right and what’s wrong. One of the Istikhra Dua which provides guaranteed results within 7 days is :

Allah humma Kheerli Wakhtaarli Wala Takilini Ila Ikhtyari

This mantra is chanted with clean heart, mind and soul for 7 days in a row. It has to be chanted for 1021 times at night before going to the sleep. You will be able to connect with Allah and see his magic yourself. However the way of performing each Ishtikhara is different according to the situations and only an experienced and expert astrologer like our Maulanaji can tell you about the right way of performing Ishtikhara For Nikaah to get the blessings of Allah. Through his years of practice and experience, he can connect with the Allah and get the right answers for all your doubts, worries and apprehensions to make your life easy.

By using the Ishtikhara in the correct way you can ensure that your decision regarding the choice of your life partner is correct and there is no way in which this decision can go wrong. You can enjoy a happy marriage with the correct life partner if the prayers are performed in the right way. Moreover our maulanaji can also help you through other methods likes duas, wazifa and several other totkes which will ensure lifelong happiness for you and your lifIn a marriage the entire happiness depends on the other person therefore it is necessary that you find the right one in the very first chance so that you don’t have to face any difficulties later on.   

Ishtikhara For Nikaah can help you find your soulmate who can give you the ultimate happiness and satisfaction in your life which you can get from the correct lifepartner. Get in touch with our Maulanaji to perform Ishtikhara.