Islamic Dua for Success

When we are born our lives are already described by the molvi ji. This is done because as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, the child’s provision, his age, his life is all written about. This is done through the magic of destiny. Just like this, there are many other ways and reasons for which a powerful dua is read in order to reach Allah without any barriers in between your success. These barriers are classified as sins. So it is said that when you are a Muslim you are not supposed to be a sinner. You should relentlessly make duas to Allah in order to make yourself pure.

Unknowingly if you have made a sin, you must pray to Allah and ask for repentance. Asking for repentance from Allah can be done by powerful duas. The reason why one must seek for punishment or repentance for the wrong is that even in the next life, they want to be close to Allah. If they will not conduct this ritual, you are most likely to be punished in your after life and will not be close to Allah. To prevent this, it is necessary that you pray and seek Allah’s blessings. It is said that if you are suffering in your life for any reason, then it is certainly because you may have been a sinner in your past life. So this life has been given to you to repent for that and hence, the problems come your way. The problems could be related to finance, life, love, family issues etc. You should also practice the Islamic Dua for Success

Similarly, one must make Dua religiously so Allah continues to bless you. It is said that one who conducts namaz each day, all the three times of the day, he/she gets the highest position in Allah’s eyes and is offered a wonderful life in the new life after death. Besides, a continuous dua is also a way of getting successwhich helps you get what you want in life. This want can be financial, love or peace in family. So as a Muslim, it is vital to offer namaz and pray to Allah not just for the material gains, but also for a peaceful life which is more important in today’s scenario where stress is burgeoning.

The fear of Allah and the fact that only Allah is the ultimate giver must be believed. There is no supreme power but Allah who can curb all your problems and can give you a happy and peaceful life. This belief is one of the most important rizq and many duas are conducted to show this feeling towards Allah. According to the Holy Book of Quran, it is said, that who prays maximum with the intention of Allah being the Supreme giver, Allah takes care of his/her feelings and offers a life of abundance and love. A fulfilling life is seen by the pupil who prays incessantly for his good luck and good life to Allah.

After this belief, when at some point n your life if you have committed as in and considered a human more supreme than Allah, then you must do Astagh far which is a repentance ritual. According to this, you will continue to get the good life if you ask for repentance from Allah for this thought. You must continuously ask for Allah’s repentance and blessings as if Allah turns away from you, your life will have no motive to live. It is important that you thank Allah for a beautiful life that he has given you and must continue making dua for a bright future of your family as well.

Other than this, it is efficacious to face the Kaaba while offering Dua to Allah. The reason for this is an ancient story which projects how messenger of Allah pleaded for his good fortune facing the Kaaba and was granted what was promised. This denotes the power of dua and how Allah always bestows love and luck to his pupils who love him and conduct religious Duas each day. Thinking of the Almighty and how Almighty bestows his love in form of prosperity and a great family with wonderful deeds in your life, is purely blissful that you seek invariably for your sustenance. Above are some of the ways along with which you can perform the Islamic Dua for Success and can gain the momentum.