Islamic vashikaran dua in hindi

Life is same for all. It does not give you happiness or sadness depending upon which religion you belong to. Life does not pose any difference in people and remains equally unpredictable for all. With every religion taking us to the same path of spreading love and equality, every religion has certain rescue prayers, or Dua in Islam that protects us from various problems in life which are difficult to resolve.

Some Difficulties go out of hand and are not in the circumference of the human mind. These problems are general but become intense when they prevail for a longer duration. For example, when a person is out of job and does not have a source of income, he/she tends to become a pauper. The case becomes worse when he/she has a family who depends upon their income. In this case it becomes difficult to make both ends meet. To prevent a person taking strong actions such as suicide, it is important that the person be heard and is taken to the Molvi ji in case he belongs to Islam or a guru ji in case the person belongs to Hinduism.

There are Islamic vashikaran Dua in hindi that can be said for any problems, but under the supervision of the Maulvi ji who will assist you in the process of overcoming your problems. The Dua can be said for loss of money, loss of love, getting love back, controlling your wife, controlling your husband, controlling your in-law’s, controlling your children, helping you choose your career etc. For all these and many more problems, there exist a dua. Although the method to say the dua and the dua for all these matters and problems may differ, but they will all fetch positive results. These duas are very effective in handling and managing your life as it results in less stress and is devoted to Allah. With so many problems in life and stressful lives our way, it is important that we keep the Almighty in the front and allow him to take all the decisions for us. For this we must conduct a dua and follow as molvi ji mentions to pray. Following are two Duas that are effective and significant in regaining your normal life back as these are Islamic vashikaran dua in hindi.

Wal Kad Fatanna Sulaimana Wa Alkayana Allah Kursiyehi J-S-Dan Summa Anaab

This must be said for 678 times over chameli oil which works best for its strong fragrance. This oil must then be inhaled by the person who you want to marry or be with. This Dua works well in case you love someone and are suffering from unrequited love. You may also use this dua in case your wife or husband has stopped caring for you as before. After they inhale the fragrant oil, the person will be attracted by you as before and you will feel the same care as you did earlier in marriage. 

Below is yet another dua:

Bismillahhirehmanrahim!! Allahhumma ya Musikhari Sakhyali Mann Fasmavati Wal Muskhiralli Lillahi Taala Allahmma, Beyinali Bajalhulli Vaskhikhralli Wa Allif MuhabatiFi Klabahi Vaj Allah Raofan Muhubbin Bihikk ya Allah, ya Rehmano, Ya Rahim

This Ayat must be done before the Sun rises and must be done religiously. This Ayat must be done on a crystallized sugar, for 60,600 times. Post this you must make the person eat this. This will make him/her listen to you all the time and won’t do a thing without your consent. Usually in case your husband/wife has left you for another partner can be made to eat this. This will prevent your house from being spoiled and your children can have a normal life which you have always dreamt for them and for yourself. As it is done for positive results, it must not be considered wrong and must be considered as an offering to the Allah. Similarly, there are prayers and offerings in Hindi which are offered to the lord for controlling someone and most importantly for your own happiness. Hence, these prayers and duas are effective ways to make your unpredictable life a happy one. As long as you are not hurting anyone, you must go ahead!!