Istikhara for love marriage Dua

Getting into a love marriage is the most beautiful decision of anybody’s life but as much as we are excited about it, a fear surrounds us all the time. There are several questions in the mind which keeps troubling every couple like how will our parents agree for the marriage? Will our marriage be successful or not? Will we be able to live together forever? There are tons of questions like these which trouble your mind and the best solution can be found in Istikhara for love marriage Dua.

Istikhara is basically about taking permission from the beloved Allah before you plan to tie the knot. In Istikhara you get all the answers to your problems directly from the Allah. He guides you towards the right path which will bring happiness and joy for you. Our Maulanaji has specialized knowledge and experience of performing the Istikhara for love marriage Dua. You can get in contact with him to seek solutions for your love marriage directly from the almighty.

Love marriage is a big decision and it is often not supported in our society. Parents are mostly against the concept of love marriage and getting them to agree is a task in itself. For them an arranged set up is always the better one. However, by performing the Istikhara before seeking the parent’s permission is very important so that atleast the couple can know whether they are compatible or not and what the future holds for them. It helps you to protect yourself from the future pain and troubles of a divorce by telling in advance whether your marriage will work or not. Allah has the answer for all the life problems and when it comes to taking the decisions for your life, there is no one bigger and better than the Allah himself.

By using the Istikhara for love marriage dua you can easily convince your parents for your love marriage. If the couple is also doubtful and any kind of problems are stopping your marriage, then by performing the Istikhara in the correct manner, you can easily get them resolved and proceed for a happy married life. With the help of dua, the approval from both the parents and lover comes easily.

The Islamic Istikhara for love marriage Dua is best performed by an expert astrologer who has full knowledge and expertise in performing it. While performing it ourselves, we might do it in a wrong way with incorrect pronunciations, wrong methodology or impure heart and intentions. Our maulanaji is available across USA, UK and other countries for your support. You can contact him and get all your problems resolved.

While performing the entire procedure, a lot of stress is given on the purity of heart and mind because the Allah listens to you and get in contact with you only if you have pure intentions. Allah can read your mind and nothing is hidden from him so perform it only if you have true intentions and pure motive behind it.

This technique provides 100% results and you can enjoy the marital bliss with your lover without any obstructions by using this powerful technique. The method of performing Istikhara for love marriage Dua is:

  1. After the daily namaz chant durood shareef for 5 times
  2. After the first chant is over, recite Suraha Fatiha 3 times
  3. Read the Istikhara dua once –‘ Ya hameedu Tahmata Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi ‘

While performing this dua, keep your lover in your mind. Allah will shower his blessing on you and will show you the right path. If the marriage is right for you both, then the almighty will resolve all the problems coming in between your love marriage and both the lover and the family members will agree easily. Further with the assistance of our Maulanaji you can get accurate results. Islamic astrology is very powerful and when done in the right way, it can resolve all the problems that come in your path and make your life a heaven. He can calculate the right time using the astrological science for performing the Istikhara for love marriage Dua which will further provide the best results.