Most powerful dua for love

As soon as we hear the word Dua, we think of one and only Allah. How Allah is always there with us in good and bad times. It is in fact noticed that no bad times come when Allah is there. For Allah to be there with us, we must consistently offer Dua and think of the Almighty as the doer and the supreme power. When in distress the only think that comes to mind is Dua, in another words Allah.

Love problems being on the rise with the stringent rules and regulations, it is important that we say a dua all the time to avoid any such problem that causes distress and disturbance in life. But even then if due to your sins and past actions, some problems come your way, you must seek help from our Maulana ji who will tell you effective Dua’s to overcome your problems. As Maulana ji is considered the messenger of Allah, we must seek assistance from him to resolve problems of love.

The problems in love may not always be because of a third person. It may also be because of the reason of career where your partner lives in a different country. If that is the case, then there are duas that will create situations which are positive and will bring your love back to you or will create chances which will allow you to travel to him. This kind of magic can be done only when the Almighty is with you. When something positive happens we must thank Allah and Maulana ji for being our side and helping in relieving us from the pain of love.  Most powerful Dua for love is your faith in the dua and its effect.  Just saying the Dua is not enough, it is also your belief that everything will go as planned and positive, the dua impacts faster and gives you all the happiness and your love that you have yearned for in life.

Below is the dua that is a definite way of getting your love.

Ilhm Ruksaar Nigham e Noor Urhoom Durood Ulham Afseem Ismil.

You must be careful in making this Dua as you should be sincerely in love and should believe in what you are doing. It must be chanted with correct pronunciation for 51 times in one day. You must ensure that it is conducted without any disturbance. This needs to said for 13 days in row without disturbance and at the same time. The perfect time to say this dua is in the night when you are retiring to bed. Say this Dua before sleeping and when you are on your bed. Make sure you are alone in the room while you are offering this Dua to Allah. The Dua is bound to give you positive effects and you will feel very happy when you see the results on your own.

This Dua can also be said in case you need to get your love back if your partner has left you due to lack of same feelings. This Dua claims to fill the heart of the person with love and he/she comes back with lots of love to offer you. To be in love and then bearing the pain of heart break is certainly not easy and hence, you must recite this Dua as mentioned and pray to the Almighty for the love of your life to understand your feelings. If your feelings are rightly understood, you will get your love back. This will make you extremely happy and your faith in Allah will increase. We all are any way aware of the supreme power that Allah has. By giving us many Duas, especially the most powerful Dua for Love our lives have become much easier and comfortable. When a person is comfortable and happy from the love point of view, then half the problems seem to be resolved as a person is much happier. And a happy person is more focused to yield results of any nature, from financial to family trouble, to society issues etc. Love being the essence of life, you must invest time and continue to pray to the lord for you are lucky in love.